University Information

Greetings from the President

President Masao Morimoto
Masao Morimoto
(Chairman Board Judicial Schools Sapporo Hokkai Gakuen)

A new university by Hokkai-Gakuen in Sapporo.

Hokkai-Gakuen’s new Hokkai School of Commerce is a university with a single area of study, commerce.
The annual intake capacity is 100 students for the Department of Commerce, fifty students for the Tourism Industry Department. A total of one hundred and fifty students each year makes small class-size education a feature of the university, which will develop in ways which take advantage of this merit. The matriculation capacity derives from Hokkai-Gakuen University of Kitami and has been transferred to the Sapporo campus. Kitami University was the first joint private-public university in the nation. For many years it flourished as a university with a strong regional character, blessed with a large number of students and receiving support from the city of Kitami. That was an era for which we remain extremely thankful. However with changing times part of the matriculation capacity was transferred gradually to Hokkai Gakuen University in Sapporo, where new faculties and departments have been opened. Now the remaining capacity has been transferred to Sapporo and a new independent school of commerce has been established. Faculty members and administrative staff, working closely with the students, aim to create a university which will make a significant contribution to the future.